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The Platform for Luxury Indian Fashion.

Our journey began in 2016 with a vision to make Indian fashion popular and accessible in the United States. Fueled by our deep-rooted passion for Indian heritage, we launched Indiaspopup. What started as a small dream has blossomed into something remarkable—a premier platform renowned for showcasing the finest creations from leading Indian designers and artisans. Today, Indiaspopup stands as a go-to destination for shoppers worldwide, offering a curated selection that celebrates the richness and diversity of Indian fashion.


Meet Archana Yenna, Founder and CEO of Indiaspopup, a trailblazing entrepreneur based in Dallas. Her innovative approach to online retail has elevated the accessibility of Indian luxury fashion in the United States.

Driven by her passion for blending fashion with technology, Archana launched Indiaspopup in 2016 to fill a gap in the North American market. Her vision: to make luxury shopping more accessible and convenient for the fashion-savvy South Asian community in the United States. Since then, Indiaspopup has evolved into a global destination, offering curated selections from top Indian fashion houses and bridging the gap between culture and commerce.