DESIGNER : Outhouse

The Monarch necklace from our Monarch series is exquisitely designed and carefully handcrafted. The neckpiece, from our Imago collection, features Maison Margiela for Swarovski crystals in jet back, along with cubic zirconia and cold enamel in canary yellow. The handcrafted neckpiece has dual plating of both 22 carat gold and gunmetal, making it perfect for every season.

• Plating:  Gold , Gunmetal 
• Stones:  Swarosvki Maison Martin Margiela Black Jet :Cubic Zirconia: Enamelling 
• Material:  Base Metal

Domestic: Estimated delivery time for orders shipped within India may take up to 3-6 Weeks.

International and US: Orders shipped outside India may take up to 4-8 weeks depending on location and customs delays.

This item is non-returnable / non-refundable.